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Conservation and Restoration.

Revamp Conservation and restoration are a Dublin based company specializing in the conservation and restoration of brick and stone buildings with lime based products. From restoration repair to façade restoration, brick and stone repairs , mortar matching , structural repairs, masonry cleaning, lime render and much more.

Structural Repairs


Revamp Conservation and Restoration utilises the latest technology for sustainable structural solutions.

These include

  • Crack stitching

  • Lintel repair and cracking

  • Forming deep masonry beams

  • Support existing masonry when creating new openings

  • Reinforcing new build masonry

  • Creating movements

Revamp Conservation and Restoration is in constant contact with Conservation Professionals, which keeps us up to date with the newest applications in structural repairs. When it comes to structural repairs we utilise effective and permanent solutions.

If you have any concerns about structural repairs, please contact us.

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