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Revamp Conservation and restoration are a Dublin based company specializing in the conservation and restoration of brick and stone buildings with lime based products. From restoration repair to façade restoration, brick and stone repairs , mortar matching , structural repairs, masonry cleaning, lime render and much more.

Paint Removal


Not only do Revamp Conservation and Restoration clean and restore brick and stone. We also provide a service that removes built up paint from building facades.

Paint that has been applied for years to freshen the façade, can hide a multitude of sins. Overtime the paint will weaken the masonry until it becomes soft and begins to crumble and fail.

Revamp Conservation uses the safest method in removing the paint without harming the masonry or adding any stress to the structure.

We will do a visual inspection and if the building deems fit for paint removal, we will provide the client with a free practical sample and from there they can base their decision on whether they would like to proceed with the works or not.

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