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Conservation and Restoration.

Revamp Conservation and restoration are a Dublin based company specializing in the conservation and restoration of brick and stone buildings with lime based products. From restoration repair to façade restoration, brick and stone repairs , mortar matching , structural repairs, masonry cleaning, lime render and much more.

Lime Render and Plaster Mouldings


With over two decades of gained experience in conservation. Our teams of experts at Revamp Conservation are at hand to tend to your lime render and plaster moulding needs.

At Revamp Conservation and Restoration our skilled craftsmen offer a range of services including:

  • Removal of cement based render

  • Repairing the underlying masonry

  • Re-render in appropriate lime mortar

This application can be a slow process as usually a minimum of 3 coats of plaster is required. Lime plaster is sufficiently durable and resistant to the elements to be used for exterior plastering. It is also permeable and allows for the diffusion and evaporation of moisture. The elevated pH of the lime plaster will act as a fungicide; mold will not breed in lime plaster.

Revamp Conservation and Restoration also installs and restores high quality plaster work. These include:

  • Cornices

  • Columns

  • Centre pieces

  • Decorative ceiling design

  • Exterior door and window surrounds

  • Exterior quoins

We at Revamp Conservation can produce any plaster moulds you require. Feel free to contact us on 085 283 2425.


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