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Revamp Conservation and restoration are a Dublin based company specializing in the conservation and restoration of brick and stone buildings with lime based products. From restoration repair to façade restoration, brick and stone repairs , mortar matching , structural repairs, masonry cleaning, lime render and much more.

Brick and Stone Repairs


Revamp Conservation offers a unique stone and brick matching services. We take great care in selecting the appropriate brick or stone from our salvage yards to perfectly match the structure.

First of all we will assess the building to see which approach is the best response to the repair.  In many cases the brickwork on the external structure may have deteriorated due to weathering causing cracks and perishing the brick, which is known as spalling. If this does occur, it is wise to tend to the issue immediately before the damage becomes more widespread.

Revamp Conservation have highly skilled tradesmen to repair any issue, no matter how severe. We apply different techniques depending on the severity of the damage.

One approach is to repair the bricks face by using a special brick repair mortar. This is where there is only slight damage appearing. We have a specialist team that match your exact colour and carefully dress the brick so it is uniformed with building.

In other cases, the brick or stone may be disintegrated so bad that it is beyond repair, if this is the problem, we will carefully remove the defective piece and replace it with an exact match sourced from one of our salvage yards.

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