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Revamp Conservation and restoration are a Dublin based company specializing in the conservation and restoration of brick and stone buildings with lime based products. From restoration repair to façade restoration, brick and stone repairs , mortar matching , structural repairs, masonry cleaning, lime render and much more.

Brick and Stone Repointing/Pointing Specialist.

Weathering overtime, can cause significant damage to buildings especially in buildings which were built using sand and cement mortar. The driving force of the rain onto the exterior surface seeps through the brick and cement not been permeable traps the moisture. This trapped moisture will disintegrate the brick, this is also known as spalling. When this occurs, your building is more susceptible to damage and with nowhere else to go, this moisture travels internally and can be devastating, not only structurally but financially, as costs of repairs both internally and externally can be expensive.

Revamp Conservation and Restoration are specialist in the repointing/pointing using lime mortar. Lime is important in building conservation and has been used over many centuries in historic buildings. Lime mortar has better properties and is able to withstand more of the harsh elements. It is permeable which allows any trapped moisture to released through the walls via the lime mortar bed joint and allows your building to breath. Unlike cement, lime is flexible which means it has the ability to cope with movement and is less prone to cracking. It is also softer and more porous than cement based mortar.

Revamp Conservation offers different styles of pointing, such as

  • Flush

  • Weatherstruck

  • Tuck pointing

  • Wigging

  • Buckethandle and recessed

If you notice any loose pointing, cracks and/or defects in your structure, we would advise you to tend to this matter immediately before it becomes problematic.

Maintaining the physical appearance and integrity of a building is essential and should be viewed as an investment and from an aesthetic perspective.

We pride ourselves in the results of our repointing and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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