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We pride ourselves in offering the best service available in Rathgar. Every car is checked down to every detail, from tyres to lights, from spark plugs to the exhaust fumes. Peter L. Sheridan makes sure that your engine stays healthy for longer.

Servicing of Cars, Vans, Buses and More…

Regularly servicing a vehicle can be the difference between it running fuel efficiently, smoothly, safely and will also help minimise the risk of it breaking down – incurring unexpected (possibly expensive) repair. It is usually a false economy to put off regular car servicing. Ignoring normal wear and tear can damage your car, or worse.

Peter L Sheridan, conveniently located in Rathgar, has the experience, tools and professional staff to ensure that your vehicle is checked to the highest possible standards, and always for honest, affordable prices.

As each vehicle has a different, service schedule, it is important to ensure that your service light is not displaying. If your vehicle is not due a service, but is not driving as smooth as it should be, it is usually a good idea to get a professional to have a quick look piece of mind, safety and to ensure that little noises, don’t become big problems!

We have full diagnostic equipment for all makes and models and use the best equipment to ensure your car always runs at its best!

Call Us on our Mobile – 087 258 4292 or Landline – 01 4961777

Does your car need an expert opinion?

Most vehicles, unfortunately, do not get serviced as frequently as needed and this usually adds to the cost of running it. It’s easy to forget how many miles it was since that last oil change, or if you service is needed every 30,000 miles or 40,000 miles?… Peter L Sheridan of Rathgar is an experienced expert with a wealth of knowledge, a great team of mechanic professionals and a tool for every job imaginable! We can quickly check and advise you of your cars needs. If in doubt, always ask an expert but the below list will give you a little insight to what may be happening to your car and why it might be very advisable to get a your car inspected or repaired by a qualified expert …or risk more costly damage if you don’t.

Reasons to call Peter L Sheridan of Rathgar

  • Check engine light or other dashboard warnings. A “check engine” light can be anything – but it is essential to get it looked at by an expert. Warning lights, (On/Flashing/Occasionally Showing) are all signs that something is not working as it should be. Peter L Sheridan of Rathgar has all the latest diagnostic systems to get get give you peace of mind – quickly and affordably!


  • Oil spots in the driveway. If there are any stains under your car, this is a clear indicator that your vehicle is leaking something that your car needs to run smoothly… This could be as minor as an oil filter or plug not secured tightly or could be as major as compromised gasket in the engine. It is a clear sign to get your vehicle looked at!


  • Green fluid spots. Radiator fluid is the usual suspect and this is usually a small issue like a bad fitting on a hose. There is also a possibility that it is a bigger issue like cracked/damaged radiator. This must be examined as soon as possible to prevent your engine overheating or causing permanent damage.


  • Squealing /squeaking brakes. Brake components are engineered to emit a high-pitch squeal or squeak if brake pads are getting near the end of their service life. It can also indicate that brake hardware is worn and needs to be inspected/replaced. Putting off simple brake repairs is by no means wise. We inspect and repair all brake systems – for less than you think!
  • Grinding when applying breaks. This sound typically indicates that the brake rotor surface has become damaged and cannot rotate easily. If brake pads are used beyond their wear limit, the result can be that other parts of the system come in contact with each other. This is a sign that brake repairs are needed immediately.


  • Louder than normal/rumbling/sputtering from the engine. This is usually a sign that there could be an issue with the exhaust system. It is usually a minor issue such as a little hole in the exhaust or a disconnected pipe. It can also be a sign that something more serious needs inspection – such as a muffler or catalytic converter. Sounds like this should be investigated by an expert – fast.


  • Screeching Sounds. This type of sound is usually the quickest and cheapest fix. Drive belts, it is likely that the drive belts have become frayed, which creates the screeching sound, especially on start-up. Belt replacement a simple repair but it should not be put off as broken belts may cause additional damage to your engine.


  • Growling or roaring when driving. Like all unusual sounds from your car – this should be investigated by an expert as soon as possible. It may be worn or tyres, wheel bearings or more. Peter L Sheridan Rathgar, has the experience and equipment to diagnose of these issues and more – its what we do, and we do it for the best possible prices.

Peter L Sheridan of Rathgar – A reliable, honest, vehicle expert.

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