The Klondike CoolPipe™

The Klondike CoolPipe™ system has no moving parts, which means low maintenance. In essence the Klondike CoolPipe system works by the action of the cooling elements. The cooling element draws heat from between the batteries (where approximately 50% of the surface area of batteries within the battery string is in the voids between the cells) and dissipates this heat through the heat sink into the enclosure where the air conditioning can effectively remove the heat into the atmosphere via the extract outlet. The system itself requires very low current with each unit demanding only 1.6A. The application is powered via a 12V power supply which drives the system, acting as a heat pump and dissipates the heat being drawn from between the battery cells along the CoolPipe and into the atmosphere where the air conditioning can assist and effectively remove the heat.

System Performance

The following data was harvested from a BTS site in current operation in the Gulf Region. The results were broken down and analysed at four time intervals over the course of each day. The time intervals selected were 7am, 12noon, 4pm & 9pm..
Figure 1 below shows actual data which was gathered from the above mentioned test site over a period of 9 days. These 2 temperature sensors (Sensor 3 & Sensor 4) are located in the void between the batteries in the top string of a 48V bank. Each bank had a 4 x 12V battery configuration. Whilst the ambient environment which these batteries operate in is air conditioned to 24°C,
the temperature between the cells is still high averaging at 30°C. This is due to the lack of directional airflow between the batteries. Once the CoolPipe system was activated, there was a clear reduction shown in the temperatures recorded in these voids.

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