Klondike  Technologies™  is  an  Irish  company  which  designs  and  develops  thermal management solutions for the IT, data centre, renewable energy and telecommunication industries. We provide low energy thermal management systems which have been specifically developed for the purpose of addressing the issues surrounding the thermal management of telecommunications equipment and VRLA batteries in BTS site applications.

Current Systems Available For Cooling VRLA Batteries

From the sub tropics to the tropics, the premature degradation rate of VRLA battery cells has always been a challenge. Air conditioning systems are an expensive and unreliable method of cooling VRLA battery installations. Unless the BTS site is well designed the ac system can be inefficient and it is difficult to stabilize temperature.

The air conditioning units also have many parts and regular maintenance programs are a requirement. Compressor based cooling systems have been presented to the market place which are low energy consumption refrigeration units. These systems are costly, difficult to retrofit to existing installations, and have many components which are subject to failure.

Klondike Innovations CoolPipe Range

The Klondike CoolPipe range of cooling systems are comprised of a cooling element which extracts the higher temperatures found in the voids between the cells and dissipates the heat out into the air-conditioned environment, stabilizing the ambient storage environment.

Klondike CoolPipe Battery Cooling Rack

Klondike’s CoolPipe Battery Cooling Rack is a set of cooling elements or modules which collectively form a rack structure which can act as a heat pump to draw unwanted high temperatures from the voids between the batteries and dissipate the heat into the air-conditioned ambient environment. This product is suitable for applications in which the batteries are operated in an ambient environment set to ETSI recommendations, or 24°C.

Klondike CoolBath

Klondike’s CoolBath solution has been developed for applications where sealed VRLA batteries are not plumbed for hydrogen ventilation. The battery cooling rack is housed within a cool bath structure which can maintain the temperature between and around the batteries at their ideal set point while allowing the batteries to gas freely.

Klondike CoolPipe Thermal Management Solution

Klondike’s CoolPipe Thermal Management Solution is comprised of the Rack system which is completely thermally separated from the air conditioned environment. This has been developed to house batteries which are fitted with piping to allow for hydrogen ventilation.

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Klondike Coolstring™

This patented product easily removes and cost efficiently reduces heat in BTS cabinet applications. This technology works by dramatically reducing the heat from the voids between the batteries.

Some Key Points:

  • It is retrofittable
  • It has no moving parts
  • Works with the cabinet air conditioning
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Klondike Coolbath™

This unique patented Klondike product is highly effective and like all our products, is an environmentally friendly way to save money. The Klondike CoolBath maintains batteries at a fixed temperature – even as ambient temperature increases. It is durable and lends itself perfectly to BTS shelters, UPS rooms, solar panels, generator starter batteries and more.

Some Key Points:

  • It can be monitored remotely
  • It is highly reliable
  • Its low power usage save large amounts of money.
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Klondike CoolRack™

Just like all products in the Klondike range, this unique, patented product is designed to be environmentally friendly and give a great return on investment. It works by reducing heat build-up and effectively addresses hot spot issues within rack mounted electronics. The Klondike CoolRack was specifically created to fit the standard 19″ rack and as such, compliments the current rack cooling system.

Some Key Points:

  • It has no moving parts
  • It is designed for Broadcasting Stations, Data Centres, I.T. Stations & more
  • Easily fits the standardised 19″ rack
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Dramatic Heat Reduction Using The CoolPipe™ System

The below is indicative of the system performance from a BTS site that is currently in operation in the Gulf region. The results were broken down and analysed at four time intervals over the course of each day. The time intervals selected were 7am, 12noon, 4pm & 9pm. The left column indicates the high temperatures with great fluctuations that are experienced without the use of our patented system. The right column indicates the vast improvements and steady temperatures which are maintained in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manor; once our system is in place. To review a detailed analysis of the product and the full testing results obtained, please click here.

  • 7am
  • 12pm
  • 4pm
  • 9pm
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