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3 Top Tips to beat Facial Hair

unwanted facial hair

Unwanted Facial Hair?

Around 40% of women naturally have some form of hair on their face So why are so few of us openly talking about it?

In our teenage years we come to terms with the progressive growth of female body hair as a sign of stepping into womanhood; the constant leg shaving, the permanent underarm shadow and the dread of bikini season.

Over time as we grow into young women we learn how to best tackle our body hair woes and keep that clean smooth skin that we crave.Now in my mid-thirties, my attention has suddenly turned to a new and slightly more embarrasing problem and that is Facial Hair!

This taboo topic in hair removal that women do not openly want to talk about.  The reality is that this is a serious problem affecting millions of women worldwide.

Have you ever woken up in the morning with long thick coarse hair sprouting from your chin?

Yes ladies we’re talking chin hair, the type of coarse 1cm long black facial hair that you can’t miss. This is unlike any other hair, you know the type, it doesnt exist when you go to bed at night but miraculously appears in a morning like its been rooted there for weeks, standing on end loud and proud. Add to that upper lip hair and sideburns and you get the picture.

If body hair was a transition into womanhood, could this be the first sign of menopause?

Women can have facial hair for a variety of reasons, it could be caused by hormone inbalance, high levels of testosterone, it could be a symptom of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or it could simply be due to genetics.

I’ve tried many different products and hair removal techniques over the years to combat this facial fuzz, here’s some of the options:

Tip 1: Waxing

This is a quick, cheap method of removing unwanted facial hair.Waxing, Facial Hair Removal, Facial Waxing

Warm wax is applied to the area usually with a spatula.

Fabric Strips are then applied and pulled off taking the hair with it.

How long does it last?

Usually 2 – 6 weeks before any re-growth


Quick, Cheap, Treatment is easily accessible in Salons or can be done at home, lasts longer than Depilatory Creams


It can be painful and may cause a temporary rash, particularly in more sensitive areas such as the face. It is not always effective on thicker, coarser hair such as my Chin Hair. Hair needs to be at least ½cm long before you can re-wax.


Reasonably Cheap – Salon prices range from £10-£20 for facial area

Surgi-Wax Hair Remover For the Face

Surgi-Wax Hair Remover For the Face



I have tried both Salon and home waxing on my upper lip and chin. The salon treatment was great, they worked quickly and removed all my upper lip hair, the best part was it was just under 3 weeks before I had any regrowth. The Chin hair was not so successful as this hair is much thicker and coarser which isnt as easily removed by waxing so I was still left with quite a few noticable hairs.

My skin was quite red and sore after waxing, I am used to this as my skin can be quite sensitive so I generally avoid making any plans for after a waxing appointment.

If you prefer at home waxing then Surgi Facial Hair Removal Wax is a good choice as its easy to use and good particularly good at those short but coarse type facial hairs.


Tip 2: Depilatory Cream

Hair Removal Creams can be easily applied to the face, they are usually left for a few minutes before removing, at which point the hair comes away with the cream.

GiGi Hair Removal Cream

GiGi Hair Removal Cream

How long does it last?

Anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on your own hair growth.


Cheap, Easy to use and effective, Gentler options for Sensitive Skin

Disadvantages: Rapid Regrowth as the hair is not removed at the root but just under the skin and so regrowth can also appear as stubble. The chemicals in the cream that dissolve the keratin in the hair structure can irritate the skin causing redness.

Cost: Very Cheap, available from most supermarkets and Pharmacies for under £5.


I love Depilatory cream for removing facial hair, it’s a staple in my hair removal regime. I always use the extra gentle option for sensitive skin and find this just as effective as the normal cream but just experience less redness afterwards.

My hair grows back quickly so I can use the cream every 2-5 days.  Nair Precision Face and Upper Lip Kit is a great buy or you can spend a little more and try the Gigi Hair Removal Cream for Face with Calming Balm which is popular with Salon professionals.

Tip 3: Threading

Threading, Facial Hair Removal

Threading Hair Removal

Threading has become increasingly popular in the UK in the last few years, particularly in the battle against facial hair. It is an ancient natural method of hair removal that involves cotton thread being manipulated by a practitioner to make a series of knots which, when they run over the skin, pull the hair out from the root.

How long does it last?

2-6 weeks before any regrowth


Quick effective and widely available method of hair removal that is chemical-free and completely safe. Can be used on short hair, limits regrowth over time as the process damages the hair follicle.


It may be uncomfortable if your practitioner is not experienced. It can also be difficult to have the treatment in private as most threading is offered in open plan salons or is often seen in the middle of a large department store floor. So if you’re shy and dont like the idea of such a public treatment then this might not be for you.


Prices start from as little as £5


The first threading appointment was pretty scary, the fear of the unknown, I had no idea how threading worked so i didnt know what to expect.  I decided to tackle the fine white (and the odd dark) hairs on the sides of my face.  Surely this was not going to be so bad, I mean how much pain can one piece of thread cause, really?

Luckily I was right, the hair removal was very quick and almost completely painless. Ok, so I felt slightly uncomfortable at first but soon settled down. The sides of my face felt incredibly smooth afterwards and only a slight redness. I didnt notice any regrowth until about 3-4 weeks afterwards. Overall a great result.

Do you suffer embarrassing facial hair? Which products work best for you? Get in touch