Pro-rata Adjustment Guidelines

A pro-rata adjustment may be applied to the requirement to obtain a relevant recognised qualification within four years in the following circumstances:

  • Statutory leave: A pro-rata adjustment in requirements may be applied to those taking:
    • block parental leave,
    • statutory maternity leave,
    • statutory adoption leave, or
    • statutory carer’s leave,

    provided the person is not carrying out any of the relevant functions while availing of the statutory leave (includes statutory paid and unpaid leave only; does not include additional unpaid leave or holidays).

  • Serious illness: Persons out of work due to long term illness, i.e., not less than 2 months, may apply a pro-rata adjustment subject to medical certification of the illness.
  • Career break.

A pro-rata adjustment will not apply in the following circumstances:

  • Part-time work;
  • Unemployment;
  • Retirement; or
  • Holidays.

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